Responsible and dedicated breeders must preserve the future of the Bouvier des Flandres with health testing. . .otherwise our breed will become a spirit dream of the past.

We are dedicated to breeding excellence in health, movement, structure, temperament, and intelligence:

       We have a Well Planned Breeding Program

       All of our Puppies Are Raised Inside and Underfoot

       We have Show, Working, Obedience and Companion Puppies

       We have Young Adults Available Occasionally

We have been breeding and competing for 10+ years now. Our blood line has been carefully thought out, and is continually critiqued - ALWAYS trying to improve. We breed for structure, temperament and intelligence. We guarantee hips, eyes, bites, both testicles and ability to reproduce on all show, breeding, and working quality puppies. We have only two qualities of Bouviers: The first: Show, Breeding, & Working - These MUST have structure, movement, intelligence, and temperament. That is why we want to reproduce them, RIGHT? The second: Companion/Pet - these are loving and guranteed to be in good health at the time of purchase.

We produce excellent temperament, fluid movement, clean fronts and rears, nice heads and toplines, as well as nice bone and coat. Our kennel consists of eyes clear and OFA'd clearances for cardiac, elbows, hips, thyroid and Penn Hipped. Our puppies are raised in our home. If you sit, you must have a furry bundle of sunshine in your lap. All puppies are well socialized.

Our Kennel Provides:

  • Puppies
  • Young Adults
  • Answers to FAQ
  • Grooming
  • We are here when YOU need us


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