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DC Frontier Ace's Renegade

BIS/BISS/Am Ch Ace's Indelible Mark, Am HT

Am Ch Avion X's And O's

Am GCh Pker Face From the Dogsfarm

Ned, Swiss, European, UK Ch Gijs Santos from the Dogsfarm

Zero One One From the Dogsfarm

Mayday Noortje From the Dogsfarm


Lakotah's Bayou Hunter Biloxi v Fatima

Am/Int Ch Sleeping Lady's Finius

Am/Int Ch Sleeping Lady's Bladerunner

Am/Int Ch Sleeping Lady's Hailey

Am Ch Lakotah's Grace Like Rain Hopi

Am/Can Ch Victorias Uncas v Fatima

Am Ch Lakotah's Lake of Peace Zuni

Am Ch Lakotah Utah Kirby v d Duca Vallei


Remy x Rain to be bred in 2016

Du Ch Liam Roxette v Hoegenbirk

Iceman Santos From the Dogsfarm

Du/Ger VDH Ch Roxette Leon v Hogenbirk

Am Ch Lakotah's Icy ed v Fatima

Am/Can Ch Victorias Uncas v Fatima

Can Ch Victorias Secret ed v Fatima

Fatima's Fatal Attraction


Lakotah's Rain in the Face Hangka

Santos Quinta van Mayorki's Hoeve

Odin-Bonnie v d Arkiv

Bonnie-Kata v d Arkiv

Am Ch Lakotah's Shield Maiden Osage

Clyde Ophra v d Duca Vallei

Am Ch Lakotah Utah Kirby v d Duca Vallei

Kirby Ebony v d Duca Vallei




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